3:00 AM. Again.
Bed warm, world cold
Laptop too far away
Blank doc. Cursor.
You had weeks
To work on
Another hastily written paper
At the bottom of the box
By the professor’s door
Sort through ones with better grades
To get to it
“I know you’re capable of much better than this,
if only you applied yourself more”
Did you know
She applies to a job a day?
How much money did you say
He was being offered?
“I’m sorry but we do not sponsor
visas, thank you for your interest”
“At least three years of work experience required”
Who will hire you anyway?
Worthless piece of shit
Be kind to yourself
Work-ethic, ha!
Grad-school; money doesn’t grow on trees
Have you seen your GPA?
“You still have no idea
what you want to do?”
World-saving delusions of grandeur
“Will you go home?”
Home, what is home
Where is home
Internationalism, multiculturalism
Third culture kid who
should have done laundry last week
No groceries in the fridge
Rent due soon; is there money in the bank?
How do people do this?
Friends make it better
but they are asleep
or also cracking
New friends! So many
cool people to meet but
leaving so soon
“Are you excited to leave?”
Yes, no, maybe
School is all I’ve ever known
The eye-rolls from seniors
make sense now
from back when we were first-years
Too happy – do they know?
One day
Paper, sleep, graduation
Lab report, job apps, graduation
Don’t even know
where I’m going to be
next year
Time is running out
Time. 3:25 AM. Again.
Fitful sleep.
Time for class.


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